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Where are you located?  6360 Fowler Road, Enon, Ohio 45323

What are your hours?  June 6, 2024 through July 14, 2024, Thursday through Saturday, 10am-4pm*, Sunday, noon to 4pm, Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, *Special Hours on July 4th: 10am to 2pm.  

Is there a fee to come to your farm?  No, admission is free

Are you cash only or do you accept credit cards?  We always prefer cash due to the fees we are charged when you use a card.  

Where can I park?  When you arrive at our entrance on Fowler Road, please drive until you see the flagged off area on the right.  We have signs to direct you.  Additional parking available on the drive out to Jackson Road, past the main parking lot. All traffic on our main drive goes one way only so please make sure you do not leave through our entrance.  When leaving, please continue in the same direction and you will find an EXIT sign that will lead you to the gravel drive exiting the farm to Jackson Road.


What areas are open to the public?  The barn, shop, mowed areas around the barn and the u-pick field, as well as the two stands of trees with seating are available to explore.  We ask that you do not walk into the lavender field to the left of the u-pick field and tilled soil area.  Everywhere from the open field north of the u-pick field to our house is private and not open to the public, including the driveway.

Do you allow dogs to visit?  Yes, as long as they are friendly, on a leash at all times, and you clean up after then.  Dogs are not permitted in the u-pick field unless you get prior authorization from management.

Is the farm wheelchair accessible?  We have a few handicap parking spots by the barn.  The sidewalk in front of the barn will lead you to a ramp where you can relax on our porch  or visit the open part of the barn.  Our shop is small so it may be difficult to maneuver.  The grassy areas are pretty bumpy, which makes pushing a wheelchair difficult.   We will do what we can to accommodate you.

Do you have a restroom?  We provide portable toilets with running water behind the barn.  Please remember to flush and  paper towels should be disposed of in the trash can outside of the portable toilet.

When is the best time to visit?  That's a tricky question.  Every year the peak bloom varies and is very unpredictable.  Our u-pick field is mostly English lavenders so they bloom earlier than the French varieties.  It's usually safe to say we should have nice color in that field mid-June.  The other field to the left of the u-pick field is mostly French lavenders and will be about 2-3 weeks later, but we do not allow access or picking in that field, it is for viewing only.  It all depends on why you're visiting the farm.  If you appreciate nature, the beauty is constant!

How do the u-picks work?  Please go to the main part of the barn to sign up and pay for U-Picks.  We will provide scissors and instructions on how to cut.  Please return your scissors to the barn when you are done.  Bundles are $10 each.  We now take cash and credit in the barn.

Can we pick lavender in the rain?  We recommend picking lavender when it is dry.  If you chose to cut in the rain, we recommend you spread the lavender out on paper towels when you get home to dry properly.  The field is closed to the public if there is any sign of lightning.

Do you sell lavender plants?  We do hope to sell plants this year.  We will post on Facebook as well as our website if plants are available.

How do you grow lavender?  Lavender requires lots of sun, very little water, good drainage, and proper pruning.  Even in the best situations, it is a battle every year because of weather.  Extreme cold can damage the plants, as well as the crazy temperature fluctuations we have in Ohio on a weekly basis.

How can I enjoy the lavender if I'm afraid of bees?  The lavender is such a relaxing plant that the bees and butterflies dance from flower to flower and it quite a beautiful sight.  They are so busy pollinating and enjoying our lavender that they really don't seem to notice visitors.  We do ask that our visitors respect the nature among our lavender fields and not swat or bat at our friendly buzzing friends.

What can my children do at your farm?  Our farm is about being low key.  Hopefully your child will enjoy the colors and scents of the lavender as well as the fascination of the bees and butterflies we have.   Please make sure your children remain with you at all times.


Can I reach you by phone?  We do not answer our farm phone frequently as we are busy taking care of the farm so please send us an email if you have a question.  Email ( for the best way to get a response.  During our season we try to respond within 48 hours.

Your gate is open but the sign says "CLOSED", can I still take a peek?  No, when our business is closed, if you drive past our gate, open or closed, you are trespassing.   This is our residence and there are times we leave the gate open for deliveries or personal visitors.  Please respect our privacy.


Can I have a wedding at your farm?  We are not scheduling weddings at this time.

What else is there to do in the area?  Brandeberry Winery borders our property and makes a wonderful lavender wine with our lavender, as well as a variety of amazing wine slushies.  We are three miles from Young's Jersey Dairy, which is a great place for kids, as well as any ice cream lover.  Just a minute down the road from Young's on your way to Yellow Springs is Peifer Orchard, an always fun farm market to explore.  One more minute and you're in Yellow Springs, voted one of the six coolest small towns in Ohio for a summer vacation.  There you will find wonderful artsy shops, incredible places to eat, and lots of opportunities to enjoy nature.  If you still are looking for something to do after this, we are less than twenty-five minutes to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, or a little over thirty minutes to the Aullwood Audubon Center where you will find the popular Troll Exhibit.  There are many other things to see around here.  Follow Ohio Road Trips on Facebook and you will be amazed at what our wonderful state has to offer.

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